Desi Romeos

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Desi Romeos
Directed by Shafaq Khan
Written by Babbu Maan
Starring Babbu Maan
Harjit Harman
Shilpa Dhar
Raavi Bal
Bhupinder Gill
Jasprem Dhillon
Music by Babbu Maan
Distributed by Maan Films
Release date
  • 15 June 2012 (2012-06-15)
Country India
Language Punjabi
Budget 1 crore
Box office 6 crore

Desi Romeos is a 2012 Punjabi film produced by Babbu Maan, starring Babbu Maan, Harjit Harman ,Shilpa Dhar, Bhupinder Gill, Jasprem Dhillon, Raavi Bal in lead roles.[1]


  • Babbu Maan - Randhawa
  • Harjit Harman - Sandhu
  • Shilpa Dhar - Urmilla
  • Jasneer Kaur - Lali
  • Bhupinder Gill - DJ Jaggadi
  • Bittu - Om
  • Mitesh - Oshu
  • Jasprem Dhillon - Mirza
  • Raavi Bal - Ehsaaz
  • Sherry Uppal - Manna


Desi Romeos is the superhit film in Punjabi cinema and it is the story of six boys who are popular in college for their music which leads to jealousy of Mirza group.The “ROMEOS” are : R- Randhawa (Babbu Maan), O- Om (Bittu), M-Maana (Sherry), E-Ehsaas ( Raavi), O-Osho (Mitesh), S-Sandhu (Harjit Harman).Desi Romeos is also the story of their journey from the days of the hostel to house no. 55, where they stay on rent and where romance blossoms between them and the girls (JULIET) staying as PG (Paying Guest)in the house opposite them to the jail. Who called upon by people as good for nothing, achieve success through their musical talent.‘Desi Romeos’ is a fun filled story of a normal group of boys with lots of action, romance and music, keeping you entertained throughout.[2]


Music was released on 25 May.

Track Listings

  1. .Kabootri (Remix)
  2. .Output Zero
  3. .Sohaniyan
  4. .Sardari
  5. .Chandigarh
  6. .Mutiyar
  7. .Why Don't You
  8. .Kabootri


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