Detroit diesel 6051 quad-71

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Detroit Diesel/General Motors
Manufacturer Detroit Diesel, General Motors
Production 1942
Combustion chamber
Displacement 426ci (7.0L)
Cylinder bore 4.25 in (108 mm)
Piston stroke 5 in (130 mm)
Cylinder block alloy Iron
Cylinder head alloy Iron
Valvetrain 12 valve (2 per cyl.)
Fuel type Diesel
Cooling system heat exchanger
Power output rated at 900hp

The GM Diesel/Detroit Diesel model 6051 Quad power pack consists of four 6-71 engines mounted to one gearbox, usual with one shaft coming out of the power unit. the power units where fitted on landing crafts and ships during World War II, ships including Prab(741) and Nahka (751) were fitted with two of these power units to spin two propellers, Mataphon(761) was fitted with three. There is a later model of this power pack witch has a standard solid shaft for fixed pitch props while this 6051 model is special designed with a hollow main shaft with a sliding iner shaft with a hub on the end thet changes the pitch on the propeller.


  • number of engines - 4
  • model of engines - 671LA28H, 67LC28H, 671RC28H, 671RA28H series 71 engines
  • Number of cylinders- 6
  • Bore - 4¼ "
  • stroke - 5"
  • Engine RPM- 500 to 2100
  • gearbox reduction ratio- 3.23-1
  • rated HP - 900
  • lube oil Cap. per engine - dry, 19 qts
  • lube oil Cap. per engine -refill, 17qts
  • cooling wat Cap. - 142qts total
  • starter motor - 24v, solenoir operated
  • clutch - 16" single plate, dry disc
  • gearbox oil cap. - 6½ gal
  • propeller - controllable pitch
  • prop size - 46"
  • control - electrical control switch at log desk


  • GM Diesel Power Operators Handbook- models 6051 quad and 2003 2 cylinder. copyright jan. 1943