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Dewang Mehta (10 August 1962 - 12 April 2001) was the president of NASSCOM between 1991 and 2001. A big part of the transcendental growth of the Indian industry like a "giant of the software" is attributed to him. Dewang Mehta Was born in Umreth, Gujarat, India.

Dewang was a student of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Mehta Vidyalaya, of New Delhi between 1977 and 1984, although it is clear that this was not his only vocation. During his years of student, Mehta was involved in a variety of works, increasing his skills and credenciales professional. Apart from a brief flirt with the journalism and a subject of long term with the writing, he also participated in the politics. Another passions were the computerized charts and enteró of this emergent segment of high technology in the Imperial College of London, where he also had his first meeting with the creation of films and the cinematographic advertising. He obtained his bachelor's degree there.[1]

His interest by the cinema dates of 1977, when in some holidays in his village presented him to the famous director of the "gender cinema of art", Shyam Benegal. During two months, Mehta worked with Benegal like boy place, absorbing the finest nuances of the cinematography and to obtain an idea of the action behind the camera.

Association with NASSCOM[edit]

The turning point in the life of Dewang Mehta arrived in 1991, when an old fellow and veteran of the industry of the Technologies of the Information Harish Mehta offered him commission of NASSCOM, an association devoted to the needs of the naciente the industry of software of the Indian. Mehta Accepted the work part-time with the organisation that allowed him continue his others interests.

The period between 1991-2001 was of transformation and growth, so much for NASSCOM as for Mehta. As Mehta grew in height, winning the respect in the sector of the Indian TIC like leader of the sector, NASSCOM also began to turn into an association with own weight.

Development of the Industry of the Software[edit]

Mehta Played an important paper in presionar to the Government in favour of the naciente Indian industry of the software. The knowledge of Mehta of the correct people to do lobby, his cooperative posture with the departments related with the YOU, such as the Department of Energy, the Department of Transport, the VSNL and, more recently, the Ministry of Technologies of the Information, allowed him purchase grantings whereas other industries struggled.

Recognising the potential of the software and the segment of services like an important generator of currencies to the country, Mehta launched the crusade of the Indian Inc., where he presented personally the industry of software of the country to the world.[2] Nowadays, the sector of software has put the enormous ambition to attain 50 trillion dollars in exports of software for 2008.

He helped to at least 19 state governments and create the necessary infrastructure to help to the cause of software inside his realms.

In addition to a dream for the industry of the software, Mehta had a plan for the sector of YOU and how could use effectivamente to change the life of millions and million the Indian. The wanted to that the profits of the YOU arrived until the common people and current and his favourite lemma, "Roti, Kapda, Makaan and bandwidth" personification the needs of the emergent countries, the Indian of the century 21.[2]

Mehta Died because of the heart attack on 12 April 2001 in a hotel of Sydney.[1] Afterwards of his death, a foundation was created to protect his legacy.


Mehta was appointed "Evangelist of software of the year" by 3 consecutive years and "Man YOU of the year" in the 2000.[1] In October of the 2000 the World Economic Forum chose to Mehta like one of the 100 "global leaders of the morning".[3]


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