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Dewang Mehta (10 August 1962 - 12 April 2001) was the president of NASSCOM between 1991 and 2001.[1][2]

Mehta was born in Gujarat and studied at Imperial College London[3] In addition to his role at NASSCOM, he was appointed in 1998 to an IT and Software Development task force, and was also involved in various advisory bodies.[3]

Mehta died from a heart attack on 12 April 2001 while serving on an IT TaskForce delegation visit to Sydney.[3][4]


Mehta was named "Software Evangelist of the Year" by Computerworld Magazine in 3 consecutive years[3] In October 2000 the World Economic Forum chose Mehta as one of the 100 "Global leaders of Tomorrow".[5][4]

Since his death, a foundation has been created in his name.[6]


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