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Dadna is located in United Arab Emirates
Coordinates: 25°31′21″N 56°21′20″E / 25.52250°N 56.35556°E / 25.52250; 56.35556Coordinates: 25°31′21″N 56°21′20″E / 25.52250°N 56.35556°E / 25.52250; 56.35556
Country United Arab Emirates
Emirate Fujairah
Elevation 94 m (311 ft)

Dadna (Arabic: ضدنا) is a village in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, located 45 kilometres (28 mi) north of the city centre. The area's economy has depended since ancient times on agriculture and fishing, in which much of the population works today. The village is known for its large supply of water and has been a site for many farms of the royal families across the Emirates.[citation needed]

Some modern luxury hotels such as Le Meridien and Rotana have been established on the beach at Al Aqah nearby.

Holiday Spot[edit]

Dadna with its mountainous terrain and close proximity to the sea, makes it a unique spot for holiday makers. Dadna is frequently visited by holiday makers, generally expatriates living in the UAE during short festive holidays. The visitation of holiday makers has given birth to the establishment of many beach resort hotels in the area.