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Dhamnand is a small village within the Khed taluka in Maharashtra, India. It sits astride the Vaki & Nagzari River. As of September 2011, its total population is about 4500, whose main occupation is farming and forestry. Its Village god is ZOLAI devi. Her temple is situated near Dhamnand stop. Main religion of peoples of Dhamnand is Hindu.

The village is known for education hub and market place for surrounding villages like Posare, Sakhar, Kawale, Kasai, Vave, and place of junction. The village is on Chiplun-Kelane-Kadavli_Choravane-Nive Road, One road leads towards Khed from Dhamanand via Khopi. Vasota Fort is visible from this village.


Dhamnand is further divided into many wadis:

  1. Mulanda - the famous for temple of kalika devi
  2. Payar
  3. Tambad
  4. Raw
  5. Lingayat
  6. Chande
  7. Khadak
  8. Rohidas
  9. Kadam
  10. Sutarwadi
  11. Rajwada-Kajufata
  12. Jadhavwadi
  13. Vaglacha Mal
  14. Gudhyacha Aad
  15. Ratamba Mal
  16. Ganpati
  17. Niwachi
  18. Shindewadi
  19. Boudhawadi