Dharumavantha School

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Dharumavantha School
ދަރުމަވަންތަ ސްކޫލް
Faith, Discipline and Wisdom
Dharumavantha School,
Ameer Ahmed Magu,

School type Public school
Founded January 1, 2002
Principal Mr. Abdulla Didi
Houses 4
School colour(s)           Blue and Silver
Slogan Everyone can Learn, Achieve and Excel

Dharumavantha School (Dhivehi: ދަރުމަވަންތަ ސްކޫލް ) is a public and newly coeducational school in Malé, Maldives. The school was established in January 2002 with the split of the Majeedhiya School campus into two separate single gender schools, the newly formed school being Dharumavantha. With the establishment of a second male-gender secondary school, the staff and students of Majeedhiya School were split, with half transferred to the new school.

In 2010, the new government decided to introduce coeducation as well as primary grades in all of the four single gender secondary schools in the city.[1] In 2011, Dharumavantha School welcomed the very first co-educational batch of students admitted into the newly formed primary Grade 1 in the school. The change did not affect the current secondary school operations, which is to run as a single gender school until the new coeducational batch progresses to the secondary level.

School Motto[edit]

The School Motto is Faith, Discipline and Wisdom.[2]

  • Faith:

Refers to the steadfast commitment of the students to the value of Islam for life.

  • Discipline:

Refers to a conscious control of mind and body to achieve high ideals of the School. It also hints to the idea of being a disciple of the noble Dharumavantha Rasgefaanu and guide students to do deeds of Dharuma or to do loyal service to the family, community and the nation.

  • Wisdom:

Denotes the school’s relentless effort to inculcate keen perception and sound judgment in our pupils as envisioned by the noble Dharumavantha Rasgefaanu

School Philosophy[edit]

The School philosophy is Everyone can learn, achieve and excel. It states that any student is a student capable of learning and achieving something from learning and excel in achievement.

School Vision[edit]

The vision of the school is to provide pupils the optimal environment to produce academic and personal excellence and to develop them as contributing members to the society.

School Houses[edit]

Name of
Faashanaa      Brown
Ranna Ba'ndeyri      Green
Dhoshimeyna      Red
Faamudheyri      Yellow


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