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Dheevara is a grouping of fishing castes from the Kerala state of South India.

The word "Dheevara" is of Sanskrit origin, and has been used to describe fishermen in Gautama Dharmasutra and Mahabharata.[1] The Dheevara community was formed by Arayan, Valan and other castes to lobby for the fishers' rights, and to seek caste-based reservations in government jobs.[2] The members of the community formed the Dheevara Mahasabha ("Dheevara Great Assembly"), which is a politically powerful organization.[3]

The following castes are categorized as "Dheevara" in the Government's list of Other Backward Classes:[4][5]

  • Arayan or Araya
  • Bovi or Bovis Mogayar
  • Arayavathi
  • Mogaveera
  • Mukaya, Mokaya or Mukayar
  • Mukkuvan
  • Nulayan
  • Paniakkal
  • Valan
  • Valinijiar, Valinjiar or Valanchiyar

The Akhila Kerala Dheevara Sabha ("All Kerala Dheevara Association") has demanded inclusion of Dheevaras in the Scheduled Castes list.[6]

See also[edit]

  • Dhimar and Dhivar, fishing castes of North India, whose names are also derived from the word "Dheevara"


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