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Dial may refer to:

Mechanical device[edit]

  • Rotary dial, a device for the input of numbers in telephones and similar devices
  • Dialling, usually means to make a telephone call by turning the rotary dial or pressing the buttons
  • Dial (measurement), a display device in radio, measuring instruments, etc.
  • Mode dial, part of dSLR and SLR-like digital cameras



  • Dial (surname), people named Dial
  • Dial Corporation, a consumer products company that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Henkel AG & Co. KGaA.
  • Dial (soap), a brand of antibacterial soap and related products
  • Dial, West Virginia, a community in the United States
  • Dial (band), a Dutch progressive rock band
  • Dial Press, a publishing house founded in 1923 by Lincoln MacVeagh
  • The Dial, an American magazine published intermittently from 1840 to 1929
  • Dial H for Hero, a comic book feature published by DC Comics
  • -dial, the suffix for dialdehydes (a molecule with two aldehyde groups)
  • 'dial.' can be an abbreviation for 'dialect'

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