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Diario las Américas
Diario las Américas logo.jpg
Digital cover of Diario las Américas newspaper.jpg
Digital front page of the 30 September 2014 publishing.
Owner(s)Nelson J. Mezerhane G.
Founder(s)Horacio Aguirre
PublisherAméricas Pub. Co.
EditorOsmín Martínez
FoundedJuly 4, 1953
Headquarters888 Brickell Avenue, 5th Floor
Miami, FL 33131
United States
CityMiami, Florida
CountryUnited States
Circulation45,000+ daily
48,000+ Sunday[1]
OCLC number1774712

Diario las Américas is the oldest Spanish newspaper in Miami for the Hispanic community. The newspaper was founded by Nicaraguan born Horacio Aguirre Baca.[2] The newspaper has been an active member of the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) since its founding.


Diario las Américas was founded on July 4, 1953. In June 2006, their website was launched on the Internet allied with the "Hispanic Digital Network" which was duly commissioned to design and activate it. In the first quarter of 2013 the paper was sold to a group of Venezuelan investors. Following the sale a total graphics remodeling, which is the first in a series of them throughout the year. In May it became a morning paper and began to be published every day of the week. With the new management, reporters and an extensive network of correspondents in Latin America, Europe and Asia were incorporated into the new wording. The number of employees was also increased.

Columnists and contributors[edit]

Staff includes Iliana Lavastida, Jesús Hernández, Broderick Zerpa, Wilma Hernández and Sergio Otalora. Columnists and contributors to Diario las Américas include Asdrúbal Aguiar, Jaime Bayly, Eleonora Bruzual, Remedios Díaz Oliver, Edgar C. Otálvora, Carlos Sánchez Berzaín, entre otros.


Subscribers are from throughout the United States and Florida but primarily include Cuban Americans and Latin Americans in South Florida.


1. Front Page
2. Editorials
3. Central
4. Cuba
5. Caribbean
6. Local
7. USA
8. International
9. Review
10. Culture
11. Science-Health
12. Sports
13. Finance
14. Social
15. Drink
16. Wines
17. Women
18. Motoring
19. Tourism
20. Dentro del alma
21. Amor al arte


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