Dictyonema (graptolite)

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Temporal range: Upper Cambrian - Devonian
Dendrograptidae - Dictyonema retiforme.JPG
Dictyonema retiforme from Early Silurian of Canada (425 myo)
Scientific classification

Hall, 1851
  • Dictyodendron Westergård 1909
  • Dictyograptus Hopkinson 1875
  • Airograptus Ruedemann 1916
  • Damesograptus Jahn 1892
  • Nephelograptus Ruedemann 1947

Dictyonema is a genus of dendroid graptolites in the order Dendroidea.[1]

Fossil record[edit]

Fossils of Dictyonema are found from the Upper Cambrian to the Devonian (age range: from 488.3 to 383.7 million years ago.). They are known from various localities in Europe, North America, South America, China and Morocco.[1][2]


These colonial organism are characterized by a conical, net-like structure. The colonies (known as rhabdosomes) are branched and may vary from almost discoidal to almost cylindrical. They were stationary planktonic suspension feeders.[1][2]


  • Dictyonema macgillivrayi (Hall 1899)
  • Dictyonema pulchellum (Hall 1899)
  • Dictyonema retiforme (Hall 1843)


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