Die Brücke (novel)

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For the 1959 film version of this novel, see Die Brücke (film). For other uses, see Die Brücke (disambiguation)
Die Brücke
Author Gregor Dorfmeister (under the pseudonym Manfred Gregor)
Country  West Germany
Language German
Genre anti-war
Published 1958 (Heyne Bücher) (German)

Die Brücke (English: The Bridge) is a West-German anti-war novel written by Gregor Dorfmeister, under the pseudonym of Manfred Gregor, and published in 1958 by Heyne Bücher.

The book is an autobiographical account of forced youth service in the Volkssturm (people's army) late in Second World War. The protagonist left a no-win situation while six of his schoolmates stayed and were killed. The writer/protagonist suffered guilt and wrote the story.

Two German-language film versions of the novel were made, one in 1959 by Austrian director Bernhard Wicki and one in 2008, a television film by Wolfgang Panzer (de).

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