Diederich Franz Leonhard von Schlechtendal

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Diederich Franz Leonhard von Schlechtendal (27 November 1794, Xanten – 12 October 1866, Halle) was a German botanist.

He studied in Berlin, in 1819 becoming curator of the Royal Herbarium. He was a professor of botany and director of the Botanical Gardens at the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg from 1833 until his death in 1866.

He was editor of the botanical journal Linnaea (from 1826), and with Hugo von Mohl (1805-1872), was publisher of the Botanischen Zeitung (from 1843).

He conducted important investigations of the then largely unknown flora of Mexico, carried out in conjunction with Adelbert von Chamisso (1781-1838), and based on specimens collected by Christian Julius Wilhelm Schiede (1798-1836) and Ferdinand Deppe (1794-1861).[1][2]

Written works[edit]

  • Animadversiones botanicae in Ranunculaceas, Berlin 1819–1820.
  • Flora berolinensis, Berlin 1823–1824.
  • Adumbrationes plantarum, 1825–1832.
  • Flora von Deutschland, Jena 1840–1873 (with Christian Eduard Langethal and Ernst Schenk; fifth edition by Ernst Hallier 1880–1887).
  • Hortus halensis, Halle 1841–1853.

The standard botanical abbreviation Schltdl. is applied to species he described.


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