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Diet Cig
Diet Cig at Servant Jazz Quarters.jpg
Diet Cig live in 2016
Background information
OriginNew Paltz, New York, United States
GenresIndie rock, punk rock, pop punk, garage punk, indie pop
Years active2014–present
LabelsFrenchkiss Records, Father/Daughter Records
MembersAlex Luciano
Noah Bowman

Diet Cig is an American pop-punk duo that formed in September 2014 in New Paltz, New York, United States. The band consists of Alex Luciano on guitar/vocals and Noah Bowman on drums. Their first EP, Over Easy, was released in February 2015.

Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman met at a house show in New Paltz, New York, in the summer of 2014. Bowman's old band, Earl Boykins, was playing at the house show, where Luciano needed a cigarette lighter. She interrupted the band's set to ask Bowman for one, but he gave her a bottle of wine instead. Afterwards, Luciano got his number and told him she’d make a music video for him. The next day, Bowman tattooed a daisy on Luciano’s foot and by August 2014, the pair were making music together.[1] Bowman had been in bands since he was 13, but Luciano had never been in a band before and only knew a few chords on the guitar. They officially named their act Diet Cig in September 2014. Luciano and Bowman confirmed in an interview with Pigeons and Planes that the name has no significance.[2]

Over Easy[edit]

Over Easy, the band's first EP, was written in August 2014. The name comes from a breakfast special at The Main St Bistro in New Paltz, where Luciano and Bowman would go almost every day. "Over Easy" was recorded in one night on Halloween 2014. The straightforward song lyrics focus on the annoyances of music scenes. The songs were written by Luciano in her bedroom.[3]

The second track on their EP, "Pool Boyz", has a unique story. Luciano has retold the events saying: "A band was visiting from Seattle in New Paltz, and a friend and I had gone to see their show. It was summertime and so hot outside, so we asked the band if they wanted to sneak into the public pool after the show with us. They agreed and drove to the pool, we walked behind, planning on meeting them there. When we got there, there were cop cars flashing, and we realized the band must have gotten arrested for trespassing! We felt really bad because it interrupted their tour, and although everything ended up okay, it was a big scare!"[4]

The record explores the "innocence of adolescence and infatuation."

Father/Daughter Records[edit]

Father/Daughter is an independent record label formed in 2010 by Jessi Frick and her father, Ken.[5] They support 25 artists, including Diet Cig. The band signed with the label a month before releasing its first single, "Scene Sick", in January 2015.

Swear I'm Good At This[edit]

Diet Cig announced they will release their debut album, Swear I’m Good At This, April 7, 2017 via Frenchkiss Records. Spanning 12 tracks, the LP follows their 2015 EP and was recorded at Salvation Recording Co. in their hometown of New Paltz as well Atomic Sound in New York City. According to a press release, the debut LP sees Diet Cig railing against people who’ve dismissed their opinions and judged them unfairly simply because they didn’t quite live up to a societal norm or expectation.

Capturing this sentiment is the album’s lead single, a catchy number called “Tummy Ache”. The band notes, “It's all about unpacking the feeling of approaching punk with radical softness, and the struggle when it’s not always read as powerful or cool or whatever enough,” the CoSigned outfit describes in a statement. “It’s the shout into my pillow when what I’m saying isn’t being heard, and a big old I FEEL YA to all the femme folks creating space for themselves in a world that wants to keep us quiet.” [6]


Alex Luciano grew up in Berne, New York, and attended SUNY New Paltz. Her younger brother and sister are featured on the front and back of Diet Cig’s 7’ split Sleep Talk/Dinner Date. Before Diet Cig, she had never picked up an electric guitar or played in a band.

Noah Bowman was born in Brooklyn, New York and moved upstate to Kerhonkson, New York when he was 9. He has been playing in different bands since he was 13 years old, taking part in numerous projects, including Just Kids and Earl Boykins. He has a twin brother named Dakota who is a sound engineer in Brooklyn.


Studio albums[edit]

  • Swear I'm Good At This (2017)


  • Over Easy (2015)
  • Sleeptalk / Dinner Date 7" (2015)


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