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Diino logo.jpg
Developer(s) Diino Systems AB
Initial release 2004
Operating system Windows 2000 and later, macOS,[which?] Linux,[which?] Android, iPhone, iPad
Available in English, Swedish
License Proprietary
Website diino.com

Diino is a cloud storage provider, offering online backup data storage and file sharing. The company, Diino Systems AB, was founded 2004 and is based Stockholm, Sweden, with sales offices in Atlanta, London and Mexico City.[1] Its owners include Swisscom.[2]

The service runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone and iPad platforms, and allows users to create simple automated rules for protecting data by moving it into a Diino account. The service is offered directly to consumers and SME:s, but also indirectly with a white label solution via partners such as telecom operators, ISP:s and large consumer brands.

Diinos current major shareholders has decided to wind down their ownership and funding of Diino. They have been in negotiations with a number of potential stakeholders and the service is now taken over by Swiss Picture Bank with the intention to continue to run the service as before but now via the new Swedish company, New Diino AB.

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