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Dilbagh Singh
BornDelhi, India
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter, actor

Dilbagh Singh is a Punjabi language singer-songwriter and film actor.[1][2] Singh was born in Delhi, but is currently based in Mumbai, India.[3]

Musical career[edit]

In 2014, Dilbagh Singh gave the hit song "Thodi Jinni Peeti Hai". Dilbagh Singh sang the hit song "Mari Gali" for the soundtrack of the 2015 film Tanu Weds Manu: Returns.[4] In 2016, Singh was a celebrity judge at the Delhi College of Arts and Commerce's auditions for the Oppo Delhi Times Fresh Face 2016 competition.[5]

Singh claims Kishore Kumar, Jagjit Singh, and Gurdas Mann as among his musical inspirations.[3] Singh typically performs eight to ten international shows abroad in a year, and double that in India. Despite being a Punjabi singer, he has also performed in states such as Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad, Assam and West Bengal.[6]

Singh has also acted in a Bollywood movie in the year 2018 which costars Rahul Bagga, rajpal yadav and Mustaq Khan.[7] He was initially signed for just lending his voice to the songs in the movie, but the filmmakers soon realised that Singh's jovial nature suited a character in the movie and they brought him on board as an actor also.[3][8]


  • 2014 Victoria Secret


  • 2014 Victoria Secret
  • 2014 Thodi Jinni Peeti Hai
  • 2015 End Ni
  • 2015 Bottoms Up
  • 2017 Urban Chhori
  • 2017 Bhangrey Da shrunk
  • 2017 Punjabi avey Nachange
  • 2018 Jagga Jiunda E
  • 2018 Gugly wugly
  • 2018 Waffel


Song Name Single Year
Waffle Waffle 2018
Jagga Jiunda E Jagga Jiunda E 2018
Gugly Wugly Shaadi Teri Bajaynge Hun Band 2018
Thodi Jinni Peeti Hai Shaadi Abhi Baki hai 2017
Punjabi Awey Nachange Shaadi Abhi Baki hai 2017
Bhangrey Da shrunki Bhangrey Da shrunk 2017
Urban Chhori Urban Chhori 2017
Mari Gali Tanu Weds Manu: Returns 2015
End Ni End Ni 2015
Bottoms Up Bottoms Up 2015
Thodi Jinni Peeti Hai Thodi Jinni Peeti Hai 2014


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