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The Dilberito is a vegan microwave burrito produced by Scott Adams Foods, Inc. and named after the comic strip character Dilbert.

First announced in The Dilbert Future and introduced in 1999[1] the Dilberito came in flavors of Mexican, Indian, Barbecue, and Garlic & Herb and was sold through some health food stores.

Scott Adams's inspiration for the product was that "diet is the number one cause of health-related problems in the world. I figured I could put a dent in that problem and make some money at the same time." His aim was to create a healthy food product that also had mass appeal, a concept he called "the blue jeans of food." [2]


The Dilberito products were originally available through several convenience store chains as well as a mail-order delivery service, which came with a large box of Dilberitos and dry ice. The Dilberito is currently out of production.

Flash game[edit]

A Flash game titled Dilberito was developed and published by Blam! Video Game Development in 2000 for Scott Adams Foods, Inc.