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Dilip Dandekar
President of Indian Merchants' Chamber
Personal details
  • Anjali Gogte (till 1993; her death)
  • Smita Karandikar (m. 1998)
Children3; 1 stepdaughter
ParentsDigambar P Dandekar (father)
RelativesDnyaneshwar Agashe (cousin-in-law)
ResidenceMumbai, Maharashtra, India
OccupationChairman, managing director

Dilip Dandekar was the chairman and managing director of Kokuyo Camlin Ltd.,[1] taking office from June 1, 2002.[2][3] He joined Camlin Ltd. as a management trainee[1] under his father, D. P. Dandekar and uncle, G. P. Dandekar,[4] who were the founders of the company (initially known as Dandekar and Co.).[5]

He currently serves as the President of Indian Merchants' Chambers.[1] He is presently the chairman of Kokuyo Camlin Ltd., and Camlin Fine Sciences.[2]

Early life[edit]

Dilip Dandekar was born the son of Digambar Dandekar,[1] co-founder of Camlin Ltd. and member of the entrepreneurial and aristocratic, Chitpavan brahmin[6] Dandekar family.[4] Dandekar's uncle, G. P. Dandekar was the other co-founder of the company.[4] Dandekar has one older brother, Subhash[2] who served as executive chairman of Camlin until his retirement in 2002.[2]

He was married to Anjali Dandekar (née Gogte; niece of Balkrishna "Raosaheb" Gogte),[7] and they had 3 children together; before her death in 1993.[4]

He later remarried Smita Dandekar (née Soman) in 1998. She has one daughter from her previous marriage.[4]


Dilip Dandekar joined Camlin Ltd. as management trainee[1][8] and became executive director of the company in 1979.[1] He took charge as chairman and managing director from June 1, 2002.[2] This was following the retirement of his brother, Subhash Dandekar, from the post of Executive Chairman after a period of 43 years.[2][9] Dandekar served as a Vice President of Indian Merchants' Chambers[1] and now serves as the Non Executive Chairman of Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd. (formerly, Camlin Fine Chemicals Ltd)[10] and has been its Director since June 2006.[1] Dandekar served as a Joint Managing Director of Kokuyo Camlin Limited. from June 1, 2002 to February 1, 2013.[1]

He has served as the chairman of Camlin Limited since June 1, 2002.[1][11] Under him, in May 2011, Kokuyo S&T Company Ltd,[12] a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan's Kokuyo Company Ltd acquired a controlling stake in Camlin Ltd from the Dandekar family.[13][14] The name of the company was changed to Kokuyo Camlin Ltd.[12][15]

Dilip Dandekar also serves as director to companies Indo Schottle Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd., Nilmac Packaging Industries Ltd.[16] and Camlin International Ltd.[2] He is a member of the executive committee of the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is the President of Indian Merchants’ Chamber[17] and on the governing board of Bombay First and the ICFAI Business School.[2][18]

He is also on the Board of Datamatics Global Services as an Independent Director.


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