Dimestore Hoods

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Dimestore Hoods was a rock band composed of Jim Korthe (lead singer and drums), Todd Deguchi (guitar), Tom McNerney (guitar) and Dave Wadsworth (bass). They produced one album for MCA Records in 1996.

Korthe and Deguchi later went on to form the nu metal band 3rd Strike.



  • Dimestore Hoods (1996) MCAD-11387
  1. Blood In My Eyes
  2. Old Man Inside
  3. Life In The Asylum
  4. Freakshow
  5. Windows Of Disease
  6. Taste Of Suicide
  7. Minds Of Confusion
  8. War Machine
  9. 18 With A Bullet
  10. Smile Now (Cry Another Day)
  11. Better Times