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Dimitris Horn (Greek: Δημήτρης Χορν) (9 March 1921 – 16 January 1995) was a Greek theatrical and film performer of modern times.


Dimitris Horn

Horn was born in Athens in 1921, the son of playwright Pantelis Horn, Austrian on his father's side and Greek on his mother's side, and Euterpi, a Greek. He studied at the Drama School of the National Theater of Greece, where he made his stage debut in 1941. During his career, he co-operated many times with the National Theater and made personal stage groups with actors such as Mary Aroni, Alekos Alexandrakis and Ellie Lambeti. The latter was also his life companion from 1953 to 1958.

He established from an early stage a reputation as "the best actor of his generation," giving outstanding performances in classics such as "Diary of a Madman" by Nikolai Gogol, "Richard III" by William Shakespeare, "Dom Juan" by Molière, "Enrico IV" by Luigi Pirandello etc.

Of lesser important was his screen work; he disliked cinema[1] and starred in only ten films, most notably The Counterfeit Coin (1954), and A Girl in Black (1956). Later he married shipping heiress Anna Goulandri, and became the first director of the Greek State Radio and Television after the restoration of democracy. He died on 16 January 1995, by cancer.