Roman Catholic Diocese of Morondava

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Diocese of Morondava
Dioecesis Morondavensis
Country Madagascar
Metropolitan Toliara
Area 46,620 km2 (18,000 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2004)
41,620 (9.0%)
Rite Latin Rite
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Bishop Marie Fabien Raharilamboniaina, O.C.D.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Morondava (Latin: Morondaven(sis)) is a suffragan Latin diocese in the Ecclesiastical province of Toliara (one of five in Madagascar), yet depends on the missionary Roman Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.

Its cathedral episcopal see is the (Marian) Cathédrale Maria Manjaka Namahora, in the city of Morondava, Toliara province.


As per 2014, it pastorally served 54,895 Catholics (9.8% of 560,000 total) on 45,200 km² in 17 parishes and 26 missions with 42 priests (8 diocesan, 34 religious), 156 lay religious (39 brothers, 117 sisters) and 20 seminarians.



(all Roman rite, so far -mostly European missionary- members of Latin congregations)

Apostolic Prefects of Morondava
Suffragan Bishops of Morondava
  • Paul J. Girouard, M.S. (see above 1955.09.14 – death 1964.02.18)
  • Bernard Charles Ratsimamotoana, M.S. (1964.09.29 – retired 1998.08.08), died 2005
  • Donald Joseph Leo Pelletier, M.S. (born USA) (1999.10.15 - retired 2010.02.26)
  • Marie Fabien Raharilamboniaina, Teresian Carmelites (O.C.D.) (2010.02.26 - ...), also Vice-President of Episcopal Conference of Madagascar (2012? – ...).

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