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Dirty Boyz
Origin Montgomery, Alabama
Years active 1999 - present
Labels Nfinity Music, Universal, Rap-A-Lot, Blackklown Records
Associated acts Yodi Da Hustler aka Baby Pacino (former BlackKlown Producer/Artist)Burn One (Their Cousin and Former Artist)
Members Big Pimp
Mr. G Stacka The Gangsta
Past members Lil Burn One, Filthy Finks, Slick Pullis, & Yodi Da Hustler aka Baby Pacino

Dirty is a hip hop duo from Montgomery, Alabama, composed of cousins Big Pimp (Daniel Thomas, born 1978) and Mr. G Stacka The Gangsta (Tarvares Webster, born 1983). Their most popular album, Keep It Pimp & Gangsta peaked at number thirteen on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and number 63 on the Billboard 200.[1]


The first major rap artists out of Alabama,[2] they released their debut album, Country Versatile in 1999. After their second album sold well regionally, they signed with Universal Records,[2] who re-released The Pimp & da Gangsta nationally in 2001. Their second album for Universal was 2002s Keep It Pimp & Gangsta. By this time, they signed to James Prince's label Rap-A-Lot Records and started their own label, as well, entitled, Blackklown. In 2003, they released their next album, Love Us or Hate Us, on Rap-A-Lot Records. In 2007, the group decided to leave the label, on good terms.


Year Album Chart position
US US Hip-Hop
1999 Country Versatile - -
2001 The Pimp & da Gangsta 88 19
2003 Keep It Pimp & Gangsta 63 13
2003 Love Us or Hate Us 160 22
2005 Hood Stories 186 26
2007 The Art of Storytelling - 40
2009 Married to the Game 82 20
2013 Think Like a Pimp Act Like a Gangsta - -
2016 Field N - -