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Dixit is an alternative name for Dikshit.

Dixit may refer to:


Dixit, name of individuals including


  • Dixit (card game)
  • Dixit Dominus, or Psalm 110, or Septuagint 109 from the Book of Psalms
  • Dixit Dominus (Handel), a psalm setting by George Frideric Handel. It uses the Latin text of Psalm 110 (Vulgate 109), which begins with the words Dixit Dominus ("The Lord Said").
  • Dixit–Stiglitz model, model of monopolistic competition developed by Avinash Dixit and Joseph Stiglitz used in many sub-fields of economics including macroeconomics, economic geography and international trade theory

See also[edit]

  • Dikshit, a Hindu family name
  • Ipse dixit, a Latin phrase used to identify and describe a sort of arbitrary dogmatic statement