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Dikshit (also spelled as Dixit or Dikshitar) (pronounced "deek-shitt") (/ˈdikʃɪt/) (Hindi: दीक्षित), is a Hindu family name. The word is an adjective form of the Sanskrit word diksha, meaning provider of knowledge. Dikshita in Sanskrit derives itself as a person involved in scientific studies, and literally translates as "one who has received initiation or one who is initiated". The surname is usually associated with high class Hindu Brahmins and punjabi high class jatts in India, especially in North India. People with this surname also have their roots in the Indian states of Punjab Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, , Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, and Bengal.[1]


The Dixit surname suggests that somebody in the family lineage, perhaps several generations ago, must have had some form of formal initiation into some religious tradition or studious body of knowledge.[citation needed] Historically, Dixit's have been usually associated with professions related to knowledge, teachers and scholars. They are the wittiest brahmin's ever created by Lord Brahma, Apart from having knowledge more than ocean's water,they were class warriors. Dixit' were originated at Maharashtra (As per Upanishads)and scattered within Uttar pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu kashmir,Punjab. They share there bloodline with Peshwa Bajirao. [1]

Notable individuals[edit]

  • Madhuri Dixit, Indian Bollywood actress
  • Raghu Dixit, Indian singer-songwriter, producer, and film score composer who is the frontman for the Raghu Dixit Project, a multilingual folk music band.
  • Avinash Dixit, Indian-American economist originally of Indian nationality
  • Gopinath Dixit, last Home Minister of U.P.[2]
  • Jyotindra Nath Dixit Former National Security Advisor of India
  • Kanak Dixit, Nepali publisher, editor and writer
  • Rajiv Dixit, Indian social activist

  • Appayya Dikshita (1520–1593), performer of yajñas, a practitioner of the Advaita Vedanta school of Hindu philosophy with a focus on Shiva or Siva Advaita

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