Dlaboka Reka

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The upper valley of Dlaboka Reka, with the waterfall in the background

Dlaboka Reka (Macedonian: Длабока река, Albanian: Përroi i Thellë), literally meaning Deep River, is a river in western Macedonia located in the Upper Reka region. It is a left tributary to Ribnička river, which is one of the largest tributaries of Radika river.[1] Its source is high on Mount Korab, forming a steep valley which is one of the few places with alpine climate in Macedonia.[2]

The famous Korab waterfall is located near the source of the river. 41°45′47.22″N 20°32′15.24″E / 41.7631167°N 20.5375667°E / 41.7631167; 20.5375667 The river flows by the abandoned village of Žužnje, then into the canyon beneath the villages Nistrovo and Bibaj, and then empties into the Ribnička river.

The upper course of the river flows through a typical glacial U-shaped valley. The valley narrows at the lower part and forms a canyon.


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