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Dmetri Kakmi (born 1961) is a Turkey-born, ethnic Greek, Australian by nationality. He is an essayist, reviewer, speaker, broadcaster, editor and author.[1] He was born on the island of Tenedos (called "Bozcaada" since its annexation by Turkey in 1923) to Greek parents. The family migrated to Australia in 1971 when Kakmi was 10 years old.[2] He did not return to Tenedos until 1999. His memoir of growing up on the island, titled Mother Land, has been published to widespread acclaim in Australia, England and Turkey. Kakmi also compiled and edited the children's anthology When We Were Young, and received the Peter Blazey Fellowship in 2007.

Kakmi's essays and short stories appear in a number of anthologies.

The essay 'Night of the Living Wog' is published in Joyful Strains: Making Australia Home, Affirm Press, 2013. 'The Tranny Horror From Outer Space' is published in Ornaments From Two Countries. The supernatural short stories 'The Boy by the Gate' is published in The New Gothic, Stone Skin Press 2014; 'Haunting Matilda' is published in Cthulhu Deep Down Under.

His memoir Joyful Strains: Making Australia Home was published in late 2012. In it, he acknowledges his homosexuality.[3]

He lives in Melbourne and until 2011 worked as a senior editor at Penguin Books.[4]


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