Dmitri Kedrin

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Dmitri Kedrin
Dmitri Kedrin.jpg
Born Dmitri Borisovich Kedrin
(1907-02-04)February 4, 1907
Shchegolovka, Russian Empire
Died September 18, 1945(1945-09-18) (aged 38)
Moscow, Soviet Union
Occupation Poet, playwright, correspondent
Nationality Russian
Period 1923–1945
Children Svetlana Dmitrievna Kedrina

Dmitri Borisovich Kedrin (Russian: Дми́трий Бори́сович Ке́дрин; February 4 [O.S. December 22, 1906] 1907 – September 18, 1945) was a Russian Soviet poet. He died in railway-related accident (had been struck by commuter train). Some charge that this accident was murder.[2]


A sample of Kedrin's poetry[edit]


Смотри, дитя, в мои глаза,
Не прячь в руках лица.
Поверь, дитя:
Глазам ксендза
Открыты все сердца.

Твоя душа грехом полна,
Сама в огонь летит.
Пожертвуй церкви литр вина
И бог тебя простит.


Look me into the eye, my child,
Don't hide your face from mine.
Believe, child,
the eyes of a priest
care for all hearts and thine.

Your soul is full of sin,
Attracted to great fire.
Endow the church a pint of wine
And you will be forgiven.

—Dmitri Kedrin
Ekaterinoslav, 1926



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