Do-Re-Mi (EP)

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Do Ré Mi 1982EPcover.jpg
EP by Do-Ré-Mi
Released 23 August 1982
Recorded July 1982
Genre Rock/Pop
Label Green
Do-Ré-Mi chronology
The Waiting Room
(1982)The Waiting Room1982

Do-Ré-Mi or Standing on Wires is the debut EP album by Australian rock/pop group Do-Ré-Mi which was released by independent label Green Records in August 1982.[1][2] The album has four tracks, which were written by lead vocalist Deborah Conway, drummer Dorland Bray, bass guitarist Helen Carter and guitarist Stephen Philip.[3][4] Philip had been a session musician but was invited to join the band during recording in July.[2]


Do-Ré-Mi had formed in Sydney in 1981 when Deborah Conway (lead vocals) and Dorland Bray (drums, percussion, backing vocals), both previously in Melbourne-based group The Benders, joined Helen Carter (bass, backing vocals) ex-Friction.[4] Stephen Philip (guitar), ex-Thought Criminals, was initially a studio musician for this EP.[1] Do-Ré-Mi was recorded in July 1982 and Philip was asked to join formally by its release in August.[2] They returned to the studio almost immediately and recorded their next EP The Waiting Room which was released in January 1983.[1]

Carter later said, "When we did release the first EP we didn't even put on it what everybody did; we just put our names on it and that really shat everybody off. Definitely the press hated us. The success of it, which had a lotto do with 2JJ in those days, was a real surprise."[5]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks were written by Deborah Conway, Dorland Bray, Helen Carter and Stephen Philip.[3]

  1. "Standing on Wires"
  2. "Honeymoon"
  3. "Pecking Order"
  4. "Violet Town"


Do-Ré-Mi members


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