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The Doc Alliance is a creative partnership of seven European documentary film festivals, including: CPH:DOX in Copenhagen; Doclisboa; Docs Against Gravity FF; DOK Leipzig; Marseille Festival of Documentary Film; Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival; and Visions du Réel Nyon. The organisation is based in Prague and was founded in 2008, with the aim of promoting the documentary genre. It is financially supported by the European Union's Creative Europe programme, Czech Filmfund and the Czech Ministry of Culture. Its slogan is "the New Deal for Feature Documentaries".

Distribution platform[edit]

The main project of the Doc Alliance is, an online distribution platform for documentary and experimental films focused on European cinema, which hosts around 1700 films for streaming or download. The films include archive historical films and works by international filmmakers such as Ulrich Seidl, Jorgen Leth, and Chris Marker.[1]

Doc Alliance Award[edit]

The organisations also presents an annual award for the Best European Documentary Feature Film. Each of the participating festivals nominates one film for the shortlist. The competition films are primarily creative documentary debuts by emerging filmmakers. The festivals also nominate representatives to the jury of experts, chosen from film critics from the festival countries. Since 2015 the award has been presented at an official ceremony at the Locarno Film Festival. As well as a commemorative plaque, the film director also receives a prize of 5,000 Euro to support their further projects.


  • Winner: Homeland (Iraq Year Zero) – director: Abbas Fahdel[2] [3]
    • Walking Under Water – director: Eliza Kubarska
    • Stranded in Canton – director: Måns Månsson
    • Illusion – director: Sofia Marques
    • I Am the People – director: Anna Roussillon
    • Haunted - director: Liwaa Yazji
    • All Things Ablaze – directors: Oleksandr Techynskyi, Aleksey Solodunov, Dmitry Stoykov


  • Winner: Gulîstan, Land of Roses – director: Zaynê Akyol[4]
    • Jarocin - The Rise of Freedom - director: Lech Gnoinski, Marek Gajczak
    • Fragment 53 – director: Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli
    • Maybe Desert, Perhaps Universe - director: Miguel Seabra Lopes]], Karen Akerman
    • Steam on the River - director: Filip Remunda, Robert Kirchhoff
    • Maestà, the Passion of Christ – director: Andy Guérif
    • Train to Adulthood – director: Klára Trencsényi


  • Winner: Taste of Cement – director: Ziad Kalthoum[5]
    • 95 and 6 to Go' - director: Kimi Takesue
    • Convictions - director: Tatyana Chistova
    • Childhood - director: Margreth Olin
    • Spectres Are Haunting Europe - director: Maria Kourkouta, Niki Giannari
    • Those Shocking Shaking Days - director: Selma Doborac
    • When Will This Wind Stop - director: Aniela Astrid Gabryel


  • Winner: Srbenka - Director: Nebojša Slijepčević[6]
    • Doel - Director: Frederik Sølberg
    • Granny Project - Director: Bálint Révész
    • The Limits of Work - Director: Apolena Rychlíková
    • Inside - Director: Camila Rodríguez Triana
    • Instant Dreams - Director: Willem Baptist
    • Southern Belle - Directed by: Nicolas Peduzzi


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