Dochū-Kōtsu Prefectural Natural Park

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Dochū-Kōtsu Prefectural Natural Park
Awa-no-Dochū (Natural Monument)
Location Tokushima Prefecture, Japan
Area 14.18 km2
Established 1 April 2005

Dochū-Kōtsu Prefectural Natural Park (土柱高越県立自然公園, Dochū-Kōtsu kenritsu shizen kōen) is a Prefectural Natural Park in northern Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. Established in 2005, the park encompasses a stretch of the Yoshino River, Mount Kōtsu (高越山), the temple of Kōtsu-ji (高越寺) and the earth pillars of Awa-no-Dochū (阿波の土柱).[1][2]

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