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Doctor is a Canadian rock band founded by vocalist Daniel Greaves, formerly of The Watchmen, and bassist Rob Higgins, formerly of Change of Heart. The duo was joined in studio by guitarist Jamie Edwards and drummer Dan Cornelius to record the band's debut album, High Is As High Gets. This line-up also began touring following the album's release in 2004, with Carmen Lamont occasionally filling in for Edwards on guitar.

Doctor broke up in 2005. Although never confirmed, on the band's website forum page there seemed to be friction between Greaves and Higgins. Higgins was upset with the lack of touring to support the album while Greaves was taking care of personal family issues. Higgins took a verbal shot at Greaves on the forum page for lending his vocal talent to a McDonald's commercial. Greaves fired back that the money for the commercial funded their small tour in Canada for the album's release.

Rob Higgins has since gone on to form another band: Dearly Beloved.

Daniel Greaves has been working on many projects such as movie soundtracks and also appeared on the Neverending White Lights album Act 1: Goodbye Friends of the Heavenly Bodies, lending his vocals to the song "This Longing". He has also appeared with NWL live in concert.


  • 2004 - High Is As High Gets
    • Track listing:
      1. "What Makes You Think He's Lucky" (3:07)
      2. "Get Your Own War" (3:29)
      3. "Balancing" (3:23)
      4. "Sweet U" (4:50)
      5. "What Of It" (3:18)
      6. "Weight" (2:57)
      7. "It Don't Mean A Thing" (3:39)
      8. "High Is As High Gets" (4:25)
      9. "You're Not Giving At All And I'm Not Getting Past It" (4:37)
      10. "Living The Dream" (3:58)
      11. "You Saved Me" (3:16)
      12. "Me And Nick Drake" (4:10)


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