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Doctor of Biblical Studies (abbreviated D.B.S., DBS or DB) is a doctoral level advanced professional degree in applied theology for practitioners seeking to increase knowledge and understanding of biblical and theological principles for their professional ministry. Academic as well as ecclesiastical doctoral programs exist that lead the students to the degree of a “Doctor of Biblical Studies”.[1][2]

Ecclesiastical studies[edit]

Main focus of doctoral study programs offered by churches is the preparation of biblical scholars and teachers for their service to their individual church, may it be as teachers in seminaries and divinity schools as well as in colleges, or as pastors of local congregations. These study program are more practically oriented and controlled by faith congregations.[3][4][5]

University programs[edit]

The PhD in Biblical Studies at a university level address such profound areas as biblical archaeology, general theology, doctrine of the faith, critical interpretation of the Bible, ethics, etymology and Bible exegesis. These programs provide students with fundamental academic research tools. Old Hebrew or Greek are often mandatory language skills which the students have to master.[6]


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