Doenjang Girl

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Doenjang Girl
Hangul 된장녀
Hanja 된醬女
Revised Romanization Doenjang Girl, Doenjang Woman
McCune–Reischauer Toenjang Girl, Toenjang Woman

Doenjang girl or Doenjang woman (hangul:된장녀) is a satirical expression used in South Korea "for their propensity to scrimp on essentials so they can over-spend on conspicuous luxuries".[1] These girls and young women are addicted to luxury and vanity.[2] The Hangul spelling is Doenjang Nyeo (된장녀).[2]

Doenjang (hangul:된장; hanja:된醬) is Korean fermented soybean paste.[3] The idea behind the phrase is that such a girl will eat a cheap meal (doenjang jjigae is one of the cheapest meals in Korea) in order to buy an expensive latte at Starbucks (Starbucks drinks in South Korea are among the most expensive in the world).[tone] The expression became popular on the Internet in South Korea in the early 2000s. Cartoons satirising Doenjang Girls became famous on the internet from 2005.[4][5][6]

A large part of the song "Gangnam Style" is a parody of this stereotype.[1]


Starbucks in South Korea is a luxury commodity
Doenjang jjigae is one of the cheapest meals in South Korea

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