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Doggy Style
Origin Placentia, California
Genres Punk rock, skate punk, hardcore punk, melodic hardcore
Years active 1983–1988
Labels Cleopatra Records[1] Flipside Records, Mystic Records, Triple X Records
Website Official Page
Members Tim Fyke (Vocals)
Ed "Shaggy" Caudill (Lead Guitar)
Danny Staggs (Rhythm Guitar)
Mark Tolbert (Rhythm Guitar)
Eric Vedder (Bass Guitar)
Rob Chocek (Drums)
Past members Brad "Daddy X" Xavier (Vocals)
Ray "La Pulga" Jimenez AKA "Ray Beez" (Bass Guitar)
Lou "Lou Dog" Guyez (Drums)
Mark Tolbert (Vocals)
Rib Finley (Vocals) (Deceased)
BDUB (Drums)
Greg Jones (Rhythm Guitar)
Bosco (Guitar)

Doggy Style is a punk rock band from Placentia, California, and was part of the North Orange County punk rock scene that included bands from the surrounding cities of Fullerton and Anaheim that formed in 1983. Daddy X's of the Kottonmouth Kings, and co-founder of Suburban Noize Records, was the original vocalist, and creator of the band. Their debut EP "Work As One" was released on a 7" record, on Mystic Records.

About Doggy Style/Members[edit]

Doggy Style started with original singer Brad Xavier, Ed "Shaggy" Caudill, Ray Jimenez, and Lou Gaez. Their first release was their 1984 EP "Work as One", on Mystic Records included the song "Donut Shop Rock". Brad only did vocals for two other releases, "Side by Side" in 1985 and "Live at Sun City" in 1986 both on Flipside Records. The original Doggy Style lasted from 1983 to 1986, at which point they split into two factions, both using the name Doggy Style.[2]

Brad Xavier and Lou Gaez formed a new lineup with Brian Baker, recently departed from Dag Nasty, and Doug Carrion, recently departed from Descendents, and released "The Last Laugh" on National Trust Records.[3] Shortly after its release, Brian and Doug left the band to reform Dag Nasty. Brad and Lou recruited Warren Fitzgerald and Danny Wallis of Don't No and Arab of Love Canal to fill the void left by Baker and Carrion. Brad and Lou would continue to work together on projects including Doggy Rock, Double Freak, Humble Gods, and Kottonmouth Kings.

In 1987 Doggy Style appeared on the compilation record "Rat Music For Rat People", recorded by producer Sylvia Massy at San Francisco's CD Presents.

Ed & Ray carried on with new members, Danny Johnston on drums, Hedge ( D.I. and HVY-DRT) on second guitar, Mark Tolbert and Rib Finley on vocals as Doggy Style from 1987 to 1988. This line-up recorded the "Doggy Style II" LP originally released on Flipside Records. John "Bosco" Callabero (also of D.I.) eventually replaced Ed and released, "Don't Hit Me Up" in 1988 on Triple X Records.

After both Hedge and John "Bosco" Callabero left the band Rib Filey, Danny Johnston and Ray Beez tried to continue on with Frank Agnew of the Adolescents. However, this line-up was short lived and the band eventually fall apart.

Doggy Style reformed in 2009 with, Tim Fyke on Vocals; Ed "Shaggy" Caudill, Lead Guitar; Danny Staggs, Rhythm Guitar; Mark Tolbert, Rhythm Guitar; Eric Vedder, Bass Guitar; Rob Chocek, Drums. Now, Doggy Style only does limited shows. This is the band that started Daddy X (of the Kottonmouth Kings, Humble Gods, X-Pistols, and co-founder of Suburban Noize Records) musical career, and got him into music originally.

On July 22, 2016, the original vocalist of Doggy Style, Curtis Haller, also known as Rib Finley, passed away.


# Title Date Label
1 Work As One (EP) 1984 Mystic Records
2 Side by Side 1985 Flipside Records
3 Live at Sun City 1986 Flipside Records
4 The Last Laugh 1986 National Trust Records
5 Doggy Style II 1986 Flipside Records
6 Don't Hit Me Up 1988 Triple X Records
7 Punkers Anthem 2011 Cleopatra Records
8 The Punk Collection 1985-1988 2011 Cleopatra Records
  • "Don't Hit Me Up" includes "Doggy Style II" with purchase.


Title Year Album Director Label
Donut Shop Rock 1985 Side By Side Flipside Records


Current Member[edit]

Former Members[edit]

  • Brad "Daddy X" Xavier- Vocals
  • Ray "La Pulga" Jimenez AKA Ray Beez - Bass Guitar
  • Lou "Lou Dog" Gaez- Drums
  • Mark Tolbert- Vocals
  • Rib Finley- Vocals
  • Danny Johnston- Drums
  • Greg Jones- Rhythm Guitar
  • Bosco- Guitar
  • B DUB (Drums)
  • Hedge - Guitar
  • Brian Baker - Guitar
  • Doug Carrion - bass
  • Eric "Arab" Groff - Guitar
  • Warren Fitzgerald - Guitar
  • Danny Wallis - Bass

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