Doll Doll Doll

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Doll Doll Doll
Doll Doll Doll.jpg
Studio album by Venetian Snares
Released September 1, 2001[1]
Recorded 1999–2000
Genre Breakcore
Length 56:36
Label Hymen
Producer Aaron Funk
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Doll Doll Doll
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Doll Doll Doll is a 2001 album by breakcore artist Venetian Snares. The album is extremely dark, themed largely around the murder of children. While being a primarily breakcore album, it also featured very varied influences in keeping with Venetian Snares' style, including classical, ambient and jazz, and uses these along with other influences to make the album have a dark and atmospheric undertone.

Track listing with samples[edit]

CD version
No. Title Samples used Length
1. "Pygmalion" The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 6:53
2. "Remi" EarthBound 6:24
3. "I Rent the Ocean" Winter Was Hard by Aulis Sallinen, various works by Philip Glass, and Lock 'em Up by Charles Mingus and Eric Dolphy 5:55
4. "Dollmaker" Harvester of Sorrow by Apocalyptica, The Anthem by Sway & King Tech and an information hotline for the murder of JonBenét Ramsey 5:47
5. "Befriend a Childkiller" Fallout 2 8:39
6. "Pressure Torture" dialogue from The Cell and snippets of tape recordings made by serial killers Leonard Lake and Charles Ng 7:49
7. "Macerate and Petrify" Silence by Delerium 6:03
8. "All The Children Are Dead" phone call from Coast to Coast AM and a Gregorian chant record 9:07
Total length: 56:36

Vinyl version[edit]

Side A
  1. "Befriend a Childkiller" – 5:57 (5/4)
  2. "Interstellar Narcotics" – 5:44 (7/4)
Side B
  1. "Dollmaker" – 5:05 (7/4)
  2. "Dolleater" – 7:11 (7/4)


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