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Studio album by Venetian Snares and Hecate
Released May 2003
Recorded ??? (composed May 1–13, 2002)
Genre Breakcore, Biomusic
Length 35:37
Label Hymen Records
Producer Venetian Snares and Hecate
Venetian Snares chronology
Find Candace (2003) Nymphomatriarch (2003) The Chocolate Wheelchair Album (2003)
Hecate chronology
The Magick of Female Ejaculation (2003) Nymphomatriarch (2003) Ascension Chamber (2004)
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Dusted 11/30/2003
Exploding Plastic.com 6.96/10 link
Pitchfork Media 6.6/10 9/18/2003

Nymphomatriarch is a 2003 breakcore album, resulting from a collaboration between Venetian Snares and Hecate (credited as Aaron Funk and Rachael Kozak on the release). The two breakcore artists were romantically involved and sampled various sexual activities performed with one another while they were touring Europe, and only these samples were used to construct the album. The actual sequencing of each track took only thirteen days from May 1 to May 13, 2002, and was done (along with more sample-acquisition) in Venetian Snares' hometown of Winnipeg.

For musicians who traditionally work with samples of breaks and synthesisers, the self-imposed technical constraint of only using samples of oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex (recorded internally via microphone insertion as well as externally) and S&M forced novel improvisations in the construction of melodies and percussion. An infamous example is the spank sample used as percussion on the track Blood on the Rope.

Nymphomatriarch's novelty as a musical composition, as well as the universal commercial appeal of anything involving sex, resulted in what would have been an underground breakcore album (had it been the product of a more orthodox collaboration) being referenced in mainstream media during the months prior to its release. Two press releases were published by Hymen to promote the album, the second of which includes an excerpt from an article in Playboy magazine in which Venetian Snares comments on the album. The second press release also claimed the album had been mentioned on television by Jay Leno and Craig Kilborn, and on Virgin Radio. Hecate stated before the album was recorded that it would be a result of "shared passion for some of [her and Venetian Snares'] favorite things, beats and sex", the implication being that both artists were making the record out of personal artistic and sexual desire, not because of the unique marketing opportunity which would inevitably present itself upon the album's completion. However, as demonstrated by the mere presence of two press releases and particularly the content and wording of the second, Hymen obviously made the most of this opportunity regardless. "I don't care how or what people think of the album, we made it for ourselves really, a kind of personal investigation" was Hecate's response to the media attention.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Input" – 2:48
  2. "Blood on the Rope" – 6:13
  3. "Amaurophilia" – 5:51
  4. "Hymen Tramp Choir" – 14:02
  5. "Pervs" – 5:27
  6. "Outlet" – 1:16