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Hecate in 2006.
Background information
Birth name Rachael Kozak
Born (1976-05-26) May 26, 1976 (age 41)
Genres Breakcore
Black metal
Occupation(s) Musician, vocalist
Labels Zhark International
Associated acts Belphegor
Venetian Snares

Rachael Kozak (born May 26, 1976), better known by her stage name Hecate, is an American-Austrian experimental industrial and breakcore musician based in Berlin, Germany. Her stage name originates from Hecate, the Greek goddess of sorcery. Kozak uses sexuality as a major topic in her music (such as in the tracks "Hecate Jacks Off The Jackal" and "The Magick Of Female Ejaculation"), and has a heavy focus on death and the occult.[1] With over thirty releases, she has become a notable producer in the harsher genres of electronic music. Kozak is also known for her collaborations with prolific electronic artist Venetian Snares (Aaron Funk), creating the album Nymphomatriarch entirely from recordings of she and Funk having sex,[2][3][4][5] during a two-week tour in 2003. She is also involved with video production, graphic arts and writing. Since 1996, Kozak has managed her own record label Zhark International,[6] has traveled the world extensively to perform,[7] and became involved in the extreme metal scene, particularly industrial black metal.[8] She eventually formed Treachery, a black metal group.[8]

In 2011, Hecate released a 12" of her remixes on Ad Noiseam,[9] and a CD and 12" release which features her vocal work on Bong-Ra's side-project, White Darkness. Kozak was cast by Daniel Vrangsinn, the producer of many Norwegian black metal bands, to star in his solo full length video project, Taboo.

Influences and collaborations[edit]

Kozak has indicated appreciation for the 1980s metal once featured on Headbanger's Ball, black metal, Bong-Ra, Xanopticon, Franco Battiato, Pain Teens, King Crimson and Urfaust, amongst many others. She has collaborated with Venetian Snares, Lustmord, Abelcain, Christoph Fringeli, and Michael Ford of Black Funeral.[10] She also worked with the Austrian blackened death metal band Belphegor on four LPs, Pestapokalypse VI, Bondage Goat Zombie, Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwahn, and Blood Magick Necromance contributing lyrics as well as spoken and screamed vocals.

Collaboration with Belphegor[edit]

After meeting Belphegor in 2005, Kozak was invited to contribute to their LP Pestapokalypse VI, which led to more collaborations. In 2010, Kozak became the band's official press secretary for their last LP.


  • At The Seven Gates (Zhark International)
  • In The Bush (Zhark International)
  • The Payback (Zhark International)
  • Hecate Jacks Off The Jackal (Zhark International)
  • Negative World Status (Zhark International)
  • Summer Of Smoke (Reverse Records)
  • The Magick Of Female Ejaculation (Zhark International/Praxis)
  • Zod 02 (Zod)
  • Hate Cats EP (Praxis)
  • Law Of The Battle Of Conquest (collaboration with Lustmord) (Hymen)
  • Capricorn Connectrix (Yb70)
  • Ascension Chamber (Zhark International/Praxis)
  • Seven Veils Of Silence (Hymen)
  • Technical Witch / Tech Bitch (Sub/Version)
  • Seven Veils Of Silence (Zhark International)
  • Wholesale Massacre Of All Identifiable Replicas (Zhark International)
  • "All That Glitters (Rachel Kozak remix)" for Le Tigre[11]
  • Brew Hideous (Sublight Records/Zhark International)
  • Nymphomatriarch (collaboration with Venetian Snares) (IDM)(2003)

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