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Lola Creel is a Mexican film director who served as the National Coordinator of the Special Projects Unit of the National Council for Culture and the Arts from 2001 to 2004. She was also the director of the International Festival of Video and Electronic Arts in 2002, and has experience as a documentary artist, video artist and director of both television and radio.

Directed the Special Project Unit supported by the Council of Arts in Mexico: 2001-2004[edit]

The Unit was dedicated to the development of digital Arts in Mexico, and was created to support the public awareness for appreciation of the new and emerging digital Art forms.

She has been for more than 30 years doing experimental films related with poetry, and documentaries about different poets and artists from Mexico and United States.

Directed, edited, and produced film Journey of Hanuman: 2004-2013[edit]

A film that try to preserve moments of India that have not been disturbed by globalization. Scenes are linked with the poems of Nobel prize poet Octavio Paz and underwater images related to the epic "The Ramayana".[1] The film was selected in "Raindance film Festival" September 2013[2]

Producer of TV series " Encuentros" private television Mexico "Televisa": 1975-1976[edit]

Round tables with recognized world artists. Participants where John Houston, Frank Capra, Costa Gavras, Roman Polanski.

Writer and producer Radio Universidad 1985-1986 (University Autonomous Mexico)

Directed series of Radio: 1992-2000 Series Divagarte, and Series Horizon XXI on Education Radio.[edit]

Producer of private and institutional music concerts: 1993 – 1994[edit]

1.- Academia Nacional de Medicina: Latin American Quartet. 2.- Congreso Nacional de Reumatología: Prieto Quartet.

Directed films of contemporary Mexican poets: 2000-2003 Jose Juan Tablada,[3] Alfonso Reyes, Carlos Pellicer,[4] Xavier Villaurrutia,[5] Jorge Cuesta, Octavio Paz, Jose Gorostiza[6]

Directed documentaries about American Poets and Artists[edit]

1996-2000 W.S Merwin,[7] W.D Snodgrass, Billy Collins, Georgia O'Keeffe.

Directed documentaries:1997-2000[edit]

Theater and Revolution, Calendars, Octavio Paz, American Poetry I, and American Poetry II.

Directed Series of Creators Emeritus in Mexico: 1997-1999[edit]

Architect Teodoro Gonzalez de Leon (Fate and Creation), Architect Ricardo Legorreta (A man in the Architectural Path) Artist Vicente Rojo (The Double Memory)

Directed series of documentaries: 2000-2004 (90 TV documentaries dedicate to Art[edit]

The Video on the Flight of the Poem, Fragments of City, The Voices of Sight, Open Doors, The Cat's Step, Light in the Retina, Unlimited Zone, and others.. More than 90 documentaries.

Directed the International Video and Electronic Art Festival in Mexico City Vidarte 2002.[edit]


Producer: 2002-2003[edit]

Special homage to Bill Viola in Mexico on the Palace of Arts.

Exhibition of Video Artist Peter Campus in Mexico city with collaboration of curator David Ross.[9]

Performance of Joan Jonas in Mexico City with collaboration of curator David Ross.

Exhibition of ¨Lorna Simpson in Mexico City with collaboration of David Ross.

Film Journey of Hanuman 2004-2013.[edit]

Collaborators: Kronos Quartet-Music. Krishna Bhatt-Music. Peter Coyote-Voice Over. Ron Fricke-Cinematography. Christy Lee Rogers-Underwater Photography. Lars Herrmann-Photography. Eliot Weinberger- Translation of Octavio paz Poems. Richard Levien-Postproduction supervisor. Special Effects Collaborator. Sky sound George Lucas Ranch: Jonathan Greber- Sound Andre Zweers- Sound Mix and Editing Steve Boeddeker- Sound design

She is the sister of senator and former interior secretary Santiago Creel Miranda.