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Domhnall MacNeachdainn[1] was a 15th-century Dean and Bishop of Dunkeld. He was the nephew of Robert de Cardeny, Bishop of Dunkeld, by Robert's sister, Mairead (Mariota).[2] The latter was also the mistress of King Robert II of Scotland.[3] His father was probably a chief of the MacNeachdainn (MacNaughton) kindred. Domhnall was university trained, and by 1431 had a M. A. and a Doctorate in Decrees.[4] He had been Dean of Dunkeld since the year 1420.[5] He was one of the commissioners of the Scottish king at the Council of Basel in 1433.[6] In 1437, Bishop Robert de Cardeny died and Domhnall the Dean was elected as his replacement. Domhnall died sometime in the year 1440.[7] Since Alexander Myln at least it has been thought that he sought confirmation from the Papacy and died en route,[2] but direct evidence for this is lacking.[8]


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Religious titles
Preceded by
Robert de Cardeny
Bishop of Dunkeld
Succeeded by
James Kennedy