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Peter Rollock of Pilton (1558–1632) was a Scottish lawyer. He was the sixth-youngest son of Andrew Rollock, laird of Duncrub, Perthshire, and became a student of St Mary's College, St Andrews from 1572 until 1575, graduating Master of Arts. He renewed his studies in 1581, probably studying Law in Continental Europe in order to become an Advocate.

He was appointed Bishop of Dunkeld, though he exercised few episcopal duties, the purpose of his appointment being to administer the diocese and to be eligible to sit in the Parliament of Scotland. Rollock became a royal judge and councillor, becoming a Lord of Session in 1596. After travelling to England with King James VI, now James I of England, he came back to Scotland in 1605. As King James began reviving episcopacy, Rollock was compelled to give up his bishopric, and James Nicolson was appointed in his place in 1607.

Rollock experienced a fluctuating position in the higher echelons of government, losing (1609) and regaining (1610) and then resigning (1620) his place on the bench, and going in (1587) and out (1610) and in again (1616) and then leaving (1625) the Privy Council. He died in 1632. He married the twice-widowed Christian Cant, but had no children.


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Religious titles
Preceded by
Robert Crichton
Bishop of Dunkeld
Succeeded by
James Nicolson