Domhnall Ua Dubhthaigh

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Domhnall Ua Dubhthaigh, Archbishop of Connacht, died 1136.

The post of Archbishop of Connacht was a precursor to that of Archbishop of Tuam.

His death is noted in the Annals of the Four Masters as follows:

Domhnall Ua Dubhthaigh, Archbishop of Connaught, and successor of Ciaran, head of the wisdom and hospitality of the province, died after mass and celebration at Cluain-fearta-Brenainn.

The Annals of Loch Cé have his obit sub anno 1137, describing him as "Domhnall Ua Dubhthaigh, bishop of Elphin, and comarb of Ciaran of Cluain-mic-Nois."


Preceded by
Cathasach Ua Conaill
Archbishop of Connacht
Succeeded by
Muireadhach Ua Dubhthaigh