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Dominion City, 2006

Dominion City was a community in the Rural Municipality of Franklin in the Canadian province of Manitoba. As of 2015, it is part of the Municipality of Emerson - Franklin. It is located in south central Manitoba about 20 kilometres (12 miles) from the Canada–US border.

Dominion City is served by Roseau Valley School. The community also has a pool, a museum, a bank, a credit union, a general store, a hockey rink and a curling club. Historic buildings in Dominion City include All Saints Anglican Church, which is now used as the Franklin Museum.

There was a Post Office called Roseau Crossing established in 1876. The name was changed to Dominion City in 1880.

Notable persons from Dominion City include Julie Masi, née Opocensky, a member of the Juno Award-winning The Parachute Club music group. She was born on a farm near Dominion City and continued to reside in the area until completion of high school.[1]


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Coordinates: 49°08′31″N 97°09′20″W / 49.14194°N 97.15556°W / 49.14194; -97.15556