Don't Sweat the Technics

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Don't Sweat the Technics
Studio album by Kid 606
Released May 26, 1998
Recorded 1996 - 1997
Genre Glitch, breakcore, digital hardcore
Length 68:18
Label Vinyl Communications
Producer Kid606
Kid 606 chronology
Don't Sweat the Technics
Down with the Scene
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars[1]

Don't Sweat the Technics is the debut album by the electronic music artist Kid 606. Recorded between the ages 17 to 18,[2] Kid606 issued the album on CD format through the independent San Francisco Vinyl Communications label in 1998. The album would later catch the attention of Mike Patton, operator of Ipecac Recordings, who would later sign Kid606.[3][4]

The album is noted for it's noisy sound, mostly rooting itself in glitch music and breakcore. Influences for the album ranges from Atari Teenage Riot to The Locust. The album was reissued as a double CD set in 2011, the second disc comprised material released in the form of split albums.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written and composed by Kid606 and Tigerboy

No. Title Length
1. Untitled   2:22
2. "Dropkick-Tomgirl's Gonna Stick With It"   2:22
3. "I Want To Join A Gang"   2:56
4. "She's=Defectiv"   1:44
5. "Now I'm Completely Fucked"   5:04
6. "Good Timing"   2:13
7. "-Silveregg-"   2:22
8. Untitled   1:25
9. "Don't Sweat The Technics-Dubplatestyle"   8:35
10. "Kid 606's Badassss Underwater Dub Track"   2:32
11. "Damn I'm Hard"   2:39
12. "Ghettoblaster (Two 909's And A Microphone)"   5:04
13. "You mean This Much < Right Now"   5:51
14. "(Throw)"   5:56
15. "///Tag Your It Sarah///"   3:07
16. "Matmos Are The A-Team Of Electronica"   1:55
17. "Rescute"   2:22
18. "Scsi-Bear-Theme Song For The Riot GRRL Attacks On The Hardcore Junglist Massive"   4:33
19. "Lionoil:I'm Forming New Skill"   2:39
20. "This Is How I Want It To End"   2:37
Total length:


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