Don Henrie

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Don Henrie
Born Donald Wayne Henrie
(1975-08-27) August 27, 1975 (age 42)
San Diego, California
Residence Hollywood, California
Nationality USA
Other names The Vampire Don
Known for Reality TV participant
Weight 125 ibs.
Title The Vampire Emperor

Don Henrie, also known as "The Vampire Don", is likely known for his role in the short-lived SyFy reality show Mad Mad House, which first aired March 4, 2004. Prior to this, he worked nights as a micro electronics engineer[1] in San Diego.

Henrie has gone on to pursue a television career as well as modeling on a casual basis. He is currently on the roster for Exile Asylum,[2] a developing agency that promotes gothic and alternative models.

Henrie has fibromyalgia and sleeps in a coffin as a means of sensory deprivation to help relieve some of the pain and sensitivity associated with the condition.[3] Henrie also prefers to stay away from sunlight as he claims to get sun poisoning easily.[4]

Media appearances[edit]

Since Mad Mad House, Henrie has made many appearances in television documentaries on various networks. He has also talked with and been featured in numerous publications regarding his career and his perspective on the vampire lifestyle.

He has appeared on the National Geographic show Is It Real? Vampires.[5] Another notable documentary appearance includes the feature documentary Vampyres,[6] where he appears alongside various other members of the vampire community. He was also featured in the book Vampire Nation.[7] Henrie also made a guest appearance in the music video for the song "Shadow Dancer" by gothic metal band Urn.[8]

He has been interviewed and featured by MaximOnline,[9] Metro UK,[3] on a special episode of the Maury Show, and in 2008 appeared on the season 4 Halloween special of the Tyra Banks Show.[10]

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