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Donald Rumbelow (born 1940) is a British former City of London Police officer, crime historian, and ex-curator of the City of London Police's Crime Museum.[1] He has twice been chairman of England's Crime Writers' Association.


A recognised authority on the Whitechapel Murders, he currently acts as a London Tourist Board Blue Badged guide of the Jack the Ripper Walk, a walking tour in London visiting the locations associated with the crimes.[2] He has appeared in several television documentaries examining the subject.[3]

His literary and lecturing work ranges over several centuries of London's crime history.

Personal life[edit]

Rumbelow is married and has two children.[4]

Books by Donald Rumbelow[edit]

  • Donald Rumbelow: I Spy Blue: Police and Crime in the City of London from Elizabeth I to Victoria, Macmillan, 1971
  • Donald Rumbelow: Houndsditch Murders, Macmillan, 1973
  • Donald Rumbelow and Judy Hindley, illustrated by Colin King: Know How Book of Detection, Usborne Publishing Ltd, 1978
  • Donald Rumbelow: Triple Tree, Harap, 1982
  • Donald Rumbelow: The Complete Jack the Ripper, Virgin Books, 2013 ISBN 978-0753541500
  • Stewart P. Evans and Donald Rumbelow: Jack the Ripper: Scotland Yard Investigates, Sutton Publishing, 2007, ISBN 0-7509-4228-2

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