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Donald Schultz (27/08/1978) is a South African film maker, writer and entertainer[1] who travels the world working with dangerous species.

Schultz was on a show on Animal Planet called Wild Recon which ran for one season for a total of 10 episodes. It ran under the title "Venom Hunter" overseas.[2]

He was also featured in Venom in Vegas, where he was put in a glass box full of 100 snakes, some venomous, in full view of the Las Vegas public.[3] Occasionally, Schultz is also the guest on Chelsea Lately where he introduces Chelsea to various new animals.

He also co-hosted "Animal Intervention" with Allison Eastwood on Nat Geo Wild ' where he was involved in trying to convince owners of exotic animals, namely big cats, to either re-home or improve the conditions of exotic animals in their care. "Animal Intervention".

He often appears on the Jason Ellis Show on Sirius/XM to discuss Extreme Falling, Animals and tribal rituals among other topics of interest.

Schultz works on a variety of travel, adventure and conservation content for television and other mediums.

Along with his love of wildlife, he is an accomplished skydiver and BASE jumper. With over 1500 wingsuit and BASE jumps, he has traveled to various countries on wing suit expeditions

In March 2014, Schultz accompanied NITRO CIRCUS to South Africa for 3 LIVE shows in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. While there, the crew filmed 4 episodes due for release on MTV2 in 2014

In Aug 2013, Schultz was charged with a misdemeanor for shipping pet lizards across state lines in 2010. Schultz claimed he was unaware a permit was needed and received community service and a $6000 fine. He said he is going to use the whole experience to learn and further educate people about the need for conservation.


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