Dondo Dam

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Dondo Dam
Location Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.
Construction began 1968
Opening date 1989
Dam and spillways
Impounds Shijimi River
Height 71.5 m
Length 260 m
Total capacity 18,860,000 m³[1]
Catchment area 329.5 km²
Surface area 105 hectares

Dondo Dam (呑吐ダム?) is a dam in Miki, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. Catching the waters of the Sijimi and Yamada rivers,[2] the catchment becomes known as Tsukuhara Lake.


Other than just creating hydro electricity the catchment area of 328.8km2 provides drinking water supply and industrial supply to nearby Kobe; as well as irrigation, flood control, removal of melting snow and recreational uses.[3]


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Coordinates: 34°46′24.0″N 135°04′18.0″E / 34.773333°N 135.071667°E / 34.773333; 135.071667