Dongkuk Steel

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Dongkuk Steel
Dongkuk Steel.svg
Hangul 동국제강
Revised Romanization Dongguk Jegang
McCune–Reischauer Tongguk Chegang

Dongkuk Steel Mill Co, Ltd. (KRX: 001230) is a steel company with its headquarters in the city of Seoul, South Korea. Its manufacturing plants are located in Pohang, Incheon, Dangjin and Busan. Main products are steel plates mainly for shipbuilding, beams, sections and bars mainly for construction. Dongkuk Steel is the parent company of the Dongkuk Steel Group with several subsidiaries including Union Steel. Dongkuk Steel Mill is the second largest EAF steel producer in Korea behind Hyundai Steel. Also Dongkuk Steel mill is world's forty-ninth largest steel maker among IISI member companies(2009). The current chairman is Mr. Sae Joo Chang. The company is a member of the Dongkuk Steel Group.


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