Dongping Dam

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Dongping Dam
Dongping Dam is located in China
Dongping Dam
Location of Dongping Dam in China
Official name 洞坪电站
Country China
Location Wanjia Township, Xuan'en County
Coordinates 30°08′35″N 109°37′2″E / 30.14306°N 109.61722°E / 30.14306; 109.61722Coordinates: 30°08′35″N 109°37′2″E / 30.14306°N 109.61722°E / 30.14306; 109.61722
Status Operational
Construction began 2000
Opening date 2006
Owner(s) Hubei Xuan’en Dongping Hydropower Co., Ltd
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Arch
Height 135 m (443 ft)
Total capacity 336,000,000 m3 (272,000 acre·ft)
Surface area 8.12 km2 (3 sq mi)
Power station
Commission date 2006
Hydraulic head 90 m (295 ft) (rated)
Turbines 2 x 55 MW Francis-type[1]
Installed capacity 110 MW
Annual generation 322 GWh

The Dongping Dam is an arch dam on the Zhongjian River (忠建河), a right tributary of the Qing River,[2] in Xuan'en County, Hubei Province, China. The primary purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power generation and it supports a 110 MW power station consisting of two 55 MW Francis turbine-generators. The 135-metre-tall (443 ft) arch dam withholds a reservoir of 336,000,000 m3 (272,000 acre·ft).[3] Construction began in 2000, the first generator was operational in 2005 and the project completed in 2006.[4][5]

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