Dongting Lake Bridge

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Dongting Lake Bridge
Coordinates 29°24′22″N 113°05′51″E / 29.406086°N 113.097414°E / 29.406086; 113.097414Coordinates: 29°24′22″N 113°05′51″E / 29.406086°N 113.097414°E / 29.406086; 113.097414
Crosses Dongting Lake
Locale Yueyang, Hunan, China
Design Cable-stayed
Longest span 310 m (1,017 ft)
Construction end 2002
Dongting Lake Bridge is located in Hunan
Dongting Lake Bridge
Dongting Lake Bridge
Location in Hunan

The Dongting Lake Bridge is a bridge with cable-stayed bridge section over Dongting Lake in northeastern Hunan Province, China. Cable-stayed section consists of three tower supporting a center spans of 310 m each and two identical side spans of 130 m each.[1]

The Dongting Lake bridge is one of a handful of "next generation" bridges, worldwide, and includes cable dampers that use magnetorheological fluid which have the capability to change viscosity in response to an electromagnetic field. The bridge includes four lanes of traffic—two lanes in each direction.