Donn mac Cumasgach

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Donn mac Cumasgach, King of Maigh Seóla?, died 752.


Donn mac Cumasgach may be the earliest recorded ruler of Maigh Seóla, referred to as the southern Ui Briuin in his annalistic obituary.

However, Francis John Byrne casts down on the relationship between the Uí Briúin and the dynasty of Maigh Seóla, believing it to be one of political alliance, and dating from the 10th century at that. By then, the rulers of Maigh Seóla had acquired the name Muintir Murchada.

Not until 848 would another king of the region, Maelan mac Cathmogha, be named. Donn does not seem to appear in any of the extant genealogies, nor does anything else seem to be known of him.

Preceded by
King of Maigh Seóla
Succeeded by
Maelan mac Cathmogha

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