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This article is about the Punjabi Music Album. For the Bollywood Film, see Dooriyaan.
Amrinder Gill - Dooriyan.jpg
Released November 20, 2009
Genre Pop, Bhangra
Label Speed Records, Planet Recordz, Kamlee Records
Producer Sukhshinder Shinda

Dooriyan was a Punjabi album by renowned singer and actor Amrinder Gill. Dooriyan became a highly successful album continuing Amrinder's success from his previous album Ishq. Sukhshinder Shinda gave music to the album, this is the third Amrinder Gill album he has produced (Dildarian and Ishq being the other two).

The music video for Tere Bina has been critically acclaimed, being nominated for an award. It was the first music video from the album. Later music videos for Maar Sutya, Punn Khat Le, Dabbi and Tere Karke were released.

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Sukshinder Shinda.

No. Title Lyrics Length
1. "Tere Bina" Pali Giddarbaha 5:43
2. "Maar Sutya" Manjit Pandori 3:56
3. "Dooriyan" Sukhwinder Guram 4:16
4. "Tere Karke" Rana Madho Jhande 3:47
5. "Mera Ki Haal" Nimma Loharaka 5:10
6. "Dabbi" Jitt Salala 4:21
7. "Sahan Ton Nere" Nimma Loharaka 5:18
8. "Punn Khat Le" Raj Kakra 3:38
9. "Dilbara" Raj Kakra 4:04


Dooriyan was nominated for several awards at the 2010 Punjabi Music Awards.[1] These awards are:

Nominated Award Nomination Work Result Lost To
Tom Lowry Best Sound Recording Tere Bina Lost Honey Singh for Panga
Baljeet S. Deo Best Music Video Director Tere Bina Music Video Lost Sandeep Sharma for Jinday Ni Jinday
Sukhshinder Shinda Best Music Director Tere Bina Lost Honey Singh for Desi Daroo
Amrinder Gill Best Pop Album Dooriyan Lost Diljit Dosanjh for The Next Level
Amrinder Gill Best Pop Vocalist Tere Bina Lost Nachatter Gill for Chad Ke Na Ja


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